Real Name: Mera
Relative: Arthur Curry (Husband)
First Appearance Aquaman#11 (october, 1963)
Created by: Jack Miler

Nick Cardy

Affilations Atlants formerly Red Lantern Corps

Diane Madox

Kristin Bauer

Portryed by Sirena Irwin

Elena Satine

Amber Heard

Queen Mera is a fictional superheroine and warrior queen in American comics published by DC Comics.

Mera is the queen of the underwater realm alongside her soulmate Aquaman. With due, her hydrokinetic powers, she lives and defends on both places, land and sea.

Fight alongside Aquaman, the flamed burn of warrior Mera has become a trusted protector of Atlantis. Though she often felt earth’s surface, people haven’t earned the love and defend them as she would hope for air-breathing humans, and water breathing Atlanteans can forge at last peace. At the end,

like a human, she also loves, earned respect and friendship of Earth’s Champion, has worked alongside the justice Leauge.

Early Life

Mera was born in 1986 and daughter of Atlanna king Nereus of Xebel.  The queen of Atlanna was taken him, while her parents were fighting in the wars of Xebel. Over time, she became prominent miltary figure and leading to A tlantean Guard later in life.

Real name Y’Mera Xebella Challa
Alias (es) Princess Mera

Lady Mera

Lady Friend

species Atlantean (Xebelian)
Nationalty Atlantean
Gender Female
Birth date Early 1986
Title Princess of Xebel
Affilations Xebel


Status Live
Films Justice leauge



Zack snyder’s justice leauge(unreleased)

Aquaman (unreleased)

Books Justice Leauge: The art of the film

Aquaman: The junior novel

Aquaman:  Arthur’s guide to atlantis

The art and making of aquaman

Portrayed by Amber Heard

Wife of Aquaman

As Mera continued to share in adventures with the sea king and both fall in love with each other. Both were soon wed and lived at Aquaman, Atlantean Royal Palace. After some time,  Mera gave the birth to Aquaman son, whom names as Jr.Arthur Curry, aka, Aquababy.

Death of Aquababy

Black Manta kidnapped Aquababy and confined inside of the poisonous translucent tank. Mera wants to save him and fought against tyrant leron for Aqua. On the other hand, Leron took all of Mer’s possessions and cast them away into the Great Pit. Mera braved the pit and found against the monsters to get the device. Her war against the beast proved to be successful. As she returned at Atlantis, she discovered that she was too much late and Authur Curry, which is also called Aquababy had died.

Mera might to Death and rebirth

Mera blames her husband that it was his mistake that Black’s Manta’s Attack. Their marriage dissolved and Aquaman left Atlantis, but Mera stayed behind. Mera mental state continued to deteriorate until finally, Lord Wexus had taken him to AHARD-1 Hospital centre.

Aquaman returned after the repelling of an invasion force of a giant jellyfish and wants to again live with Mera, but she attacked him. While defeating, he accidentally pushed Mera too hard by impaling upon an upturned piece of metal.

On believing her dead, Aquaman had placed inside a coffin and take into the royal palace. However, as Mera is not native to his dimensions and vital organs are not located in the same position as an average human’s. Survived after impaled and rose from her coffin. About Aquaman, nothing more to say and Mera left the earth realm.

Death of Aquaman

During the Imperiex war, Atlantis was sent back in time. With the help of Justice Leauge, it was restored, and Mera became the Queen of Atlantis. After one year, Mera regained her ability to breath in water. It was not full strength and became the leader of a small rebel army. To lead this group, they were determined to rebuild Atlantis after destroyed The Spectre. Unfortunately, Mera had a deal with the death of her beloved Aquaman, which is her husband. This event changed the Queen of the seas.

The Dark Night

During the Blackest NightMera and a few Atlanteans attempted to relocate the body of Aquaman and returned it to the royal tomb. She was shocked when he sees that Aquaman returned to life as a Black Lantern. Tula and Dolphin were soon joined and bent on the group destruction. A battle began between the Black Lantern Aquaman, Tula, Dolphin and Mera, Tempest and a few Atlanteans. Only to generate to zombies, Mera was able to murder Dolphin seemingly. In the end, Tempest and Atlanteans were killed to become Black Lanterns.

Aquaman has decided that his love stands by his side. So, their deceased child could also be with them. Mera ignored and fled into the ocean and later on, she met up with The Flash (Barry Allen) and The Atom, which help him to more fight off with Black Lanterns.

As war with the Black Lanterns continued and she was driven into a rage to become a deputy Red Lantern when a power ring to latched her on the finger. She continued the battle against death and Wonder Woman after freed from Black Lantern who had become a Star Sapphire.

After Blackest Night, Mera witnessed Aquaman rise dead people through the white light. Thus her rage had on subsided. When the red powers ring leaves her finger, Mera immediately went into cardiac since the power ring acts like the Black Lantern Heart.

The effects fo the red ring was not finished due to saint walker and Carol Ferris. So, Mera was reunited with her husband.

The Light of Brightest Day

 After amnesty, Brightest day start with Mera and Aquaman rekindling and their love at a lighthouse through tried to get Aquaman to enter the water, full of fear that Black Lantern had yet returned. Later on, Both appear on the pirate ship that had taken children hostage. She realised Dragon, which shouted that “Anyone who hurts children of Queen Mera feels rage!”. The Navy also came to rescue them. To kill everyone, he ended up summoning a Giant Zombie Squid.

Arthur again allowed a marksman to summoned a zombie Great white shark. They confused to returned the rescued children to shore and entered the water.

Out off coast to North Atlantic,

She watched Aquaman again to summon a Zombie Orca to attacked him. Try to console him and suggested that they return to Atlantis. Arthur refused, and Mera knew that her people would also be no help from anyone to do some. Later on, she is home with Aquaman after the two embraces in a hug. Sometime later, a woman who has similar power like me were attacked when they stopped an oil spill. She doesn’t look like Mera but has identical powers as well. Mera referred to her “Siren”,  and free her husband into the escape. Later on, she had a permit to kill him after the demand of Aquaman.

Queen Mera is Aquawoman

Mera, who is the queen of Atlantis Ocean, is referred to as Aquawoman by the public after the brightest day.

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